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Tools for leaders

3HAG Chart - For Event Attendees

Topic: Strategic Planning

Gut out your 3 Year Highly-Achievable Goal (3HAG), along with your Foundation for Growth and other key strategic pictures in this high-level chart.

Zone of Power (Elevate & Delegate)

Topic: Delegation, Accountability

Keep this personal worksheet nearby during your workday to unearth your Zone of Power – the place where those your expertise, energy, and creativity align – and clarify what tasks to minimize and delegate to others. 

One Page Strategic Plan

Topic: Strategic Planning, Accountability

Get on the same page – literally. This One Page document is all you need to define your company’s Core Fundamentals, Key Strategic Moves, and Annual and quarterly Priorities, and communicate accountability to every member of the team.

Role Scorecard Template

Topic: Talent Management

This template can be used for any role in the company. Leverage it for recruiting, hiring, onboarding, and in regular check-ins with your team to assess their growth and performance against set accountabilities and Core Value alignment.

Optimizing Accountability: Core Functions Chart

Topic: Accountability

This worksheet allows you to clarify roles, functions, and who counts what in your organization.