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Ask yourself:

Is this you?

You’re smart. You’ve read all the books, been to the seminars, and networked with the best. Still, you’ve reached a point where you don’t have the answers. Business growth has stalled. You’re feeling the pressure from all sides: employees, customers, creditors, shareholders, and board members. You know you need to make changes but don’t know where to start.

If you answered yes to this, envision having someone to point you in the right direction. Someone you could trust. Someone who would ask the right questions, offer insights, and hold you accountable every step of the way.


strategic business coaching

For CEOs and leadership teams

Unlock the full potential of your leadership journey with our Strategic Business Coaching at Apex North. Guided by the proven process, Glen provides structured coaching for CEOs and leadership teams dedicated to scaling new heights.

Key Components of Our Strategic Business Coaching:

Monthly and Quarterly Meetings
Engage in focused intervals to delve into strategy, tackle ongoing business challenges, and uphold accountability.

CEO-to-CEO Coaching Calls
Connect with Glen through monthly calls, ensuring continuous support as he stands by your side.

Annual Two-Day Strategic Planning Session
Experience a pivotal annual event where vision is meticulously defined and documented. Craft a concise One Page Strategic Plan, a navigational tool for you and your team. Agreement on the annual and first-quarter operating plan sets the foundation.

Action Plan Development
Every team member contributes by mapping out action plans, concentrating on the essential “Rocks” that drive the business closer to its vision, and ensuring robust accountability.

Elevate your business strategy with our comprehensive coaching approach, designed to propel you toward success.

    Learn how Apex North’s Strategic Business Coaching helped take Br8kthru to the next level.

    Today our team is aligned around our one-page strategic plan and the strategy behind it. It provides a great amount of clarity in what we’re doing.

    Jon Lenz, CEO

    Executive Coaching

    Personal one-on-one coaching

    Embark on a transformative one-on-one executive coaching journey with a seasoned expert, bringing a wealth of business ownership and CEO experience to guide you through challenges. From factory worker to CEO of a publicly traded company, Glen’s understanding of the journey is intimate.

    Key Components of Our Executive Coaching:

    One-on-One Coaching Sessions
    Identify strengths, set visions, and craft successful strategies tailored to your growth.

    Dedicated Ally for Your Success
    Benefit from having a committed ally focused on your success without judgment.

    Challenges Isolation
    Address specific challenges you face in your career with precision.

    Seamless Corporate Navigation
    Navigate the corporate landscape seamlessly, whether with your team, Board, or investors.

    Tools and Coaching for Leadership Enhancement
    Receive the necessary tools and coaching to enhance your leadership skills.

    Freedom to Thrive
    Experience the freedom to become your best in both business and life.

    The journey begins with a complimentary consultation where we collaboratively determine your needs, tailoring the right level of coaching to ensure your success.