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Client Spotlight: Ben Quie & Sons – Building More Houses

“Build something on an organizational level that’s healthy.” – Ben Quie

Ben Quie & Sons is a home remodeling company in the Twin Cities that prides itself on craftsmanship, quality, and tradition. They focus on updating homes while preserving the history and character. Over 20 years ago, Ben Quie founded the company more out of necessity than anything else. A carpenter first and foremost with a passion for his work, Ben created the company as a vehicle for his work. 

However, the high-quality work built a reputation for Ben that expanded his client base forcing him to expand and hire more help. He started hiring employees. He added more carpenters, including his son Sam (who’s been a full time employee for 17 years). For a while things were going well for Ben, his business was growing, he was able to do what he loved, and he was able to work alongside his son. But overtime, two new factors combined to limit the growth of the company

The first was the success itself. As the company grew, Ben found himself doing less and less of the carpentry work, less of what he was trained to do, and more of the duties of running a business. He wasn’t just a carpenter anymore, he was a Business Leader and a CEO. But he’d never been a CEO before, what he knew best was carpentry. Simultaneously, as the growing pains forced Ben into a new role, so too was he feeling the passage of time in his body. The physical workload of a carpenter is arduous and Ben found that he couldn’t keep up in the way that he used to 20 years ago. 

The company was shifting and the only course forward was for Ben to fully embrace the role of company leader and focus his energy on running the company, something he’d never done before. Which is why he reached out to Apex North Business Coaching.

Ben and his son Sam went to a National Association of the Remodeling Industry (NARI) professional development seminar where Glen spoke about the strength of a solid strategic plan and the Metronomics process. Ben had no business background so he had no idea how to grow and build his team efficiently. He and Sam immediately linked up with Glen to help them refocus. 

Since then, Glen has been working with Ben and Sam and their leadership team to develop a cohesive vision in alignment with a One-Page Strategic Plan to ensure their growth and longevity. Glen has helped them understand their roles as well as the crucial role of their leadership team. 

We reached out to Ben about his experience so far with Glen and he emphasized how much Glen has helped him become a better leader and develop his skills as a CEO. “Now I have a clear vision where I can build a team where the company can function. A well oiled machine.” Glen has shown him how to “build something on an organizational level that’s healthy.” 

The company has been put back on track and with Glen’s guidance, has become stronger. Ben has become a more skilled leader, “putting the hard work in to change.” Together, they’ve built a team that shares the core values of the company and cares about what they do. They are there for the company and the vision, not just out of necessity. 

Looking ahead, the plan is for Ben to hand over the reins to Sam over the next few years with an aim of retiring in five. “Sam will take the company to heights I never could, at some point it’s time for me to get out of the way.” Sam has a great mind for detail and has studied the business side of the company and worked directly with Ben and Glen to hone his skills as a leader. 

Glen guided Ben, Sam, and their leadership team on implementing the Metronomics system which has set their company up for success and growth while building a strong foundation so Ben can feel comfortable with the company’s trajectory and handing the role of CEO over to Sam.

After we finished talking about his experience so far, we asked Ben what advice he would give to his past self. “Growth isn’t a bad thing,” he said. “There’s a lot of joy in building a company and learning how to build a business beyond building the houses.”

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